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[URL="http://www.os-fury.us"]Home Page[/URL]
[URL="http://www.os-fury.us/Os-Fury.jar"]Client Download[/URL]
[URL="http://www.os-fury.us/Os-FuryLauncher.jar"]Launcher Download[/URL]
[ADMIN=About us]
Os-Fury is a newer server aimed at being the best as other rsps should aim to be. We are constantly updating and we truely listen to our community. No suggestion goes unread on our server. We also take pride in getting 10 players on in the first hour of the release.
Constant Updates
20+ Bosses
Resource Dungeon
Demonic Gorillas
Player Owned Shops
Ultimate Ironman
Drop Logs
Active Community
1 Ticking enabled
Wilderness Bosses
Clue scrolls
Donator Zone
Double Exp Weekends
Osrs items
A lot More, Login To See!

[ADMIN=Credits]Credits to anyone that worked on Vencillio. No this is not just a vencillio leech that you host the same day you download. This server has been in development for the past month by me. I've fixed a lot of bugs, nearly perfected pvp (1 ticking, barrage gfx corrected, accuracy, ect.) And there is still a ton more to come.[/ADMIN]


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