Minecraft Servers - Top 100 - MC List

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SoulPlay PS

Known as the best ECO/PvM/PvP server ever made - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements

2. Spartan MC

Survival | PVP | Skyblock | Minigames | Bow Warfare | The Walls

3. Coin City Jail

a jail server

4. Official NexonCraft

Great news, We have now opened a Minecraft server version 1.11. IP address: Server is at creative mode. Have fun miners!

5. Lifecraft Server

Lifecraft Server|Ip LifeCraftserver.com:25565|24/7|96 slots|Welcome!


Minecraft Factions & Towny Server

7. UltimateGrief

100% Griefing Server Cracked!!

8. [1.6.2] TraumaCraft

Why Join TraumaCraft? Here at TraumaCraft, we have a proffesional staff that cares about its players and strives to keep them satisfied. W


A Retro server based on pvp and to have fun

10. Blitz-Hosting

Online Server mieten 24/7 Online

11. Janecraft beta

Welcome to the Janecraft beta!

12. Fallen Empire

PvP, Towns, Economy

13. DiamondShrine

The Best Server Ever With Drop Parties!

14. Pzero

Pzero naujas serveris.

15. Zerania Network-FREE RANK

You can claim a FREE RANK by going to our store and under the "Global" section selecting "Free Global Rank" and then choosing the Zeranian r

16. Dragoncraft-Network


17. ChillCraft Factions

pvp.ChillCraft.net (Minecraft server!)

18. LyrocisCraft Minecraft

Awesome server of Minecraft. Let's rule the open world of Minecraft.