100 New Servers — Last submitted

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SoulPlay PS

Known as the best ECO/PvM/PvP server ever made - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements

100. Zerania Network-FREE RANK

You can claim a FREE RANK by going to our store and under the "Global" section selecting "Free Global Rank" and then choosing the Zeranian r

99. Trumpscape

Outstanding content, features are mind-blowing. Best customizable server online. Best customizable desktop client. Integrated community.

98. UltimateX

Coming soon


German WoW Server

96. Huexus-scape

Its a good 317 custom game

95. PkHonor

OSRS - Fullscreen - Venenatis - Zulrah upcoming!

94. UltimateScape

Booming Economy, Challenging PKing and Epic Minigames!

93. [OS, Like The Days]

| DoubleXP Weekend | Bonus Icon! | PvM | Skilling | Eco or Spawn | Unique Content | Updates Daily | Join the Adventure! |

92. District-X

brand new 317 custom server

91. Disparity-718

Pvm/Eco 718 All skills trainable

90. RunePlay.tk - Arraxor

RunePlay +742 Customized Items Bosses::vote pls

89. Seniority-PS

#1 RSPS with tons of customs

88. TRPK - #1 Hyrbridding Ser

Trpk, the number one instant pking server from 2012 is back! join today!

87. DelusionPS

Summoning Grand Exchange 100+ Achievements Dungeoneering Bank Tabs Nex OSRS Bounty Hunter IronMan Hardcore IronMan Flawless PvM System

86. Strafe RSPS | 120 Capes

With a dedicated owner and strong staff team to support your requirements, we can guarentee that you will enjoy your stay.

85. Osiris RSPS - 718/876

[718/876] Osiris - The #1 RSPS in 2016! Araxxor & Noxious | Priffddinas | Divination | Tier 90s | Completionist Cape | Player-owned houses

84. Brutalilty-Scape

Brutalilty-Scape offers many features. We are an eco server and want to make it much bigger!. We also have great PvM, gambling, and skilling

83. Oblivions Peak

Perfect Eco | 20+ Bosses | All working osrs Skills | Skilling and boss pets | Zulrah | Cerberus | Demonic Gorillas + MORE

82. Falador

An Epic Adventure

81. WarforceRSPS

It's a 317 old school server, with enough to do to keep you entertained for awhile. There's not much detail I can get into until you come se

80. RegenerationX

Setting Your Beliefs Highers

79. MoonScape

A nice game the best game ever 718/830 / RS3 many teles,many bosses,house,quests,and lots lots more

78. VernixScape

667, TizenX Remake, Great Customs, Friendly Staff & Community, Great Customs

77. MaxxxxScape 718

Economy Based 718 Server, Friendly community, respectful staff/players. Looking for staff!

76. BinaryScape - Need Staff

Features Dwh, abyssal dagger, abyssal bludgeon, special animations. Zoom in out Prayer Glow Zulrah, Lizard Shaman, Cerberus, Kraken, Vetion,