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99. Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya

Experience rate: 15x Skillpoints rate: 15x Party EXP: 2x Party SP: 2x Drop rate: 10x RaidDropItems: 3x RaidDropJewely: 1x Spoil: 10x Adena drop rate: 25x Safe Enchant Scrolls: 4 Safe Enchant Scrolls: 20 NO custom items (Retail Only!) We don't have any custom items on L2 Scarlet Freya se...

98. SurviveRS

SurviveRS is a very unique, original RSPS experience. I have been making Runescape servers for about 11 years. SurviveRS is more than just a Survival server, for starters; Surviving is only an aspect in this server. SurviveRS includes 18+ Bosses, 22+ Skills and 7 Mini-games (So far), we are a bran...

97. Goldenscape

Goldenscape 317 Private Server (high rates) About 500 + custom items Custom Bosses Pets Vote system+awards Active Staff Members Weekly Updates Quests Events zones Server onlice since 2015.09 VPS HOSTED/DDos protected 24/7 online.

96. Lost1-PS

Lost1-PS is a server for players who enjoy a hardcore experience, due to the server being Deadman mode you can die any time and anywhere. Join the battle and get some sick loot! This server is community driven, and all suggestions are open to being implemented to the game!

95. Realm-X

{Features} ~Eco Server ~Pk point system for chaotics ~100% slayer ~ring of wealth ~member obtained ingame, no payment needed ~many different money making methods ~Glacors ~DKS ~pking with EP and drops ~Castle Wars

94. OS-War | Raids | DMM

OS-War | Raids | DMM | Balanced ECO | Shuffles

93. RsReborn

The best OSRS here got 25 bosses , much of pvm , mush of pvp SERIOUSLY! Come try it

92. Vistagex

Thanks for Voting and supporting the server!

91. WarScape

WarScape is a content packed RuneScape Private Server containing numerous exclusive items, monsters, quests and areas only available on our unique server. If you're looking for a quality server that's over six months in the making with custom game-play and features not available elsewhere, then this...

90. FaladorPS | Reborn

-Customizable Max Cape -Unique Achievements -Gambling System -HD Client -Unique Interfaces -Construction -Team Dungeoneering -Kraken -Duo Slayer -Iron man Mode -Ultimate Ironman Mode -24 Working Skills -23 Bosses -Evil Tree -Overlay HP NPC -Grand Exhcange -Kill Logs System -Drop Logs System -Time Pl...


Real OSRS | Economy | Zulrah | Lizard Shamans | Raids | 3 Ironman Modes | Zeah | Kraken | Max cape | Custom shops | Godwars Dungeon | Barrows | Pest Control | Fast EXP | Easy Drops | Bank Pins | NO LAG | Uptime | Daily Updates | Friendly Staff | Active Community | Double EXP weekends | Growing Fast

88. Asteria X

Active Community - Perfect Gambling - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Pristiege options - Boss Pets - Castle Wars - Upgradeable Items - Clue Scrolls - GE

87. Perfection

The best RS3 Server to date. Join today!

86. KultPS

Ready for your greatest adventure yet?! we offer the best rsps experience and stable servers for you to enjoy 24/7 playtime! our active team of developers help to keep the server running and to bring out an update every week! we have 100+ customs and 20+ bosses.

85. Glory667 RsPs

PvP & Wilderness We're all about allowing the wilderness to be a vast playing field for all players. At Glory667, the wilderness is treated like a food chain; the skillers go out for the rich resources that we offer, the single PKers chase the skillers, the small teams chase the single PKers, and...

84. LozzCity//$100 giveaway!

LozzCity//OSRS//$100 GiveAway//Raid Items

83. OS Virtue

www.OSVirtue.org OSRS RSPS need staff. We got great olm and professional content!

82. SlashScape

JOIN NOW slashscape.xyz

81. KooselScape

Kooselscape is a new up coming server with a lot unique things that separate us from other typical servers. Our staff team is very active and caring about our players. We also have very hard working owners that are always working on making the server better. As you take your journey around Kooselsca...

80. l2thrones


79. Sicyon

choose your skill rate, 4 game modes soulwars bosses minigames gambling Not pay to win Eco-PvP-PvM, all Skills, Prestige, Construction, Player Shops, Massive content, Active community, Fullscreen client, and so much more!

78. PKLegacy

[img]http://i.imgur.com/b3cQwny.gif[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/r55pkk0.png[/img] Dzone [img]http://i.imgur.com/kzfacJc.png[/img] Frost dragons [img]http://i.imgur.com/CxHwnII.png[/img] Welcome From players. [img]http://i.imgur.com/nU544W5.png[/img] Godwars [img]http://i.imgur.c...

77. [317] XScape

X-Scape is a server devoted to delivering unique content. We offer a unique experience by completely destroying the meta. We focus on the creation of interesting and unique content instead of wasting energy reproducing elements of other servers or games. Our goal is to cater to the desires of our pl...

76. Salvage-PS | NEW Server

Salvage-PS is a NEW Eco RSPS owned by a professional programmer.  Salvage already contains many features that set it apart from other servers, the biggest being fully-working 120 Dungeoneering.  Take a stop by the forums and say hello, then give the game a try by downloading the auto-updating clie...