Voting Check - IP Checking

Check whether the user has voted or not insantly through our database!

The possible results are "true" (If user has voted in the past 12 hours), "false" (if the user has not voted in the past 12 hours) and "404" (if the Server ID is not valid)
Make sure you check it out before you let your users vote, make sure you've used this script correctly. You can check if you're using the URL correctly by using our Status checker (Which you can find below).

PHP example

$userip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // Grab user IP
$server_id = "123"; // Your GamingToplist Server ID

$check = "" . $server_id . "/" . $userip;
$voted = @file_get_contents($check);
if($voted == "true") {
echo 'Success!';

Check status

Server ID
User IP