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The Most Blissful RSPS - rs2012 remake - Player Owned Shops - 100% slayer - complete farming, and more!


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Added 19th Jul 2016 14:13:31
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This is a Beta server still in heavy development. Daily updates and a lot of content.

Come help beta test for various rewards

BlissScape is a 718 server based on early 2012 Runescape.

The idea of the server is to keep the feel of Runescape with none of the hassle - leaving you with a very blissful experience - hence the name

I've been personally developing the server for over a year now and I'm ready to start beta testing

Players who are active and help with development will be rewarded with donator ranks and will be first picks for staff.

The server has all the content most 718s have

such as all the bosses / weapons

I won't go into that - here is some stuff I've added:

Unlimited Money Pouch

Searchable Player Owned Shops

100% Tormented Demons

100% Glacors

Complete Barrows

All Slayer Masters, All Slayer Tasks 100% Slayer + Teleport to Task!

Complete Farming

Lots of Other Skilling! I'm adding as many skilling locations as I can.

Just having the skill working isn't enough.

Iron and Hardcore Ironman mode

and LOTS of little changes to make it feel less like a Private Server and more like a blissful Runescape

Won't be able to show everything in a thread, so come check it out and help with development!

Keep in mind this is beta and some changes may cause rollbacks or total resets - I'll do what I can to avoid this and compensate, but development comes first!

I am absolutely open to suggestions, that's why I'm opening it for beta.

See you in game!


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