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Registered 9th May, 2014 at 01:50 by Imacoolguyful
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Why join Project Rift

VPS Hosted
Great Community
Active Forums
Custom Slayer System.
Customs, but not a lot so that your head would spin wild.
Amazing PVM and tons of bosses.
Custom PVM bosses.
Great PKing.
No OP weapons.
Many areas to explore.
Custom Pest Control
Barrows [100%] (Including Guthans and Dharoks.)
All SpellBooks

And SOOOO much more, you just have to come check us out for yourself! :)

Not to mention If a player wants a certain update, all he has to do is make a post on the forums, and I will personally add it, if I believe it will benefit the server and others would like it aswell.

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