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Registered 23rd February, 2015 at 20:47 by Bajset
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-Abit Better Ganodermic Making
-Whip & Dark bow coloring system
-All skills working
- 100% Soulwars working like RuneScape!
- Nearly 90% Lending System
- Dragonfire Shield with Special Attack!
- Godwars with Killcount Needed to pass to next stage!
- Fully Working PestControl Minigame
- Awesome Custom Dungeoneering.
- Recipe for Disaster
- Dominion Tower with Dominion Factor Points & Dominion Weapons
- About 90% Working Duel arena
- Glacors with Working Minions & Double HP Bars
- Teleport Hub System (Talk to Tree to Teleport Around)
- All Bosses with good Drop Rates
- Server Notified when Users get a good Drop
- Fully working Squeal Of Fortune System.
- Warrior Guild with Defender Drops
- Lots of ways to make decent amount of money!
- Much much more come online to find out more!
- Fight Caves (63 Waves)
- Fight Kiln (37 Waves)
- Grand Exchange
- Clan Chat System
- Working Notes
-Daily updates

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