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Revival | OSRS server with Unique content.


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Revival | OSRS server with Unique content.
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16 Jun 2017

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Revival is a server brought to you by YouTubers Jamian & PvM Bigboy.. its called revival because the two of us have been out

of the RSPS scene for a while now and because of my (Jamian) checkered past with servers this is my final chance at


The server is based off one of my past projects and because of that a lot of the unique content we've done before has been

removed... Revival is all about that new new. The features we have to offer right now might seem generic compared to other

servers but i promise you this we have HUGE plans...

Old school servers get a bad rap because of the limited content available... as RS3 Players we plan on combining the best of

both worlds.. some of our plans include:
* Massive Title system (rare titles achieved in many different ways)
* Godwars 2 (Completely custom)
* Invention... YES invention... on an oldschool server... just wait its going to be awesome
* Nex (Would most likely end up doing something more custom, but a nex type boss)

And of course we have all the features you'd expect on an OSRS server.

*Lizard Shamans
*Demonic Gorillas
*Abyssal Sire
*All Wilderness Bosses including Chaos fanatic, Scorpia and Crazy Archaeologist
*Bounty Hunter
*Thermonuclear Smoke Devil
*Master Clues

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