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Allstarlegends Oldschool!

Oldschool Allstar rsps. Funpk,skilling,minigames,pk, ::yell for everyone!

1. MisthalinPK -


2. Runixscape

Great RSPS 742 join up now for fun! ONLINE!

3. Xscape

#1 Eco an PVM Server Forget The Rest Join The Best!

4. Salusscape

Amazing quality deadman server with amazing qualities you won't find anywere else

5. RebornX

Very fun 667 pking server lots of players

6. Allstarlegends Oldschool!

Oldschool Allstar rsps. Funpk,skilling,minigames,pk, ::yell for everyone!

7. DominationX

Instant pking, dicing, pvming, anything you like! Boss pets, auto donate and vote! New updates frequently. You will be joining the best 667!

8. VoidPK - Best Pre EOC PVP

The best creators in the Runescape Private Server scene such as David - Pim - Tyler Team up to bring you the best Pre Eoc PvP / Pk Server.

9. PkOwnage - Login & PK!

PK Eco server with Bossing, Skilling, PVM, Minigames and more!

11. Project A

Long term game, more details will be released early 2017


Emulated Skiling - Perfect PvM - Demonic Gorillas - Constant Updates - Presets - Bounty Hunter - OSRS Content - Achievements - Events

13. BlissScape

The Most Blissful RSPS - rs2012 remake - Player Owned Shops - 100% slayer - complete farming, and more!

14. Nova-Excision 718/742

Dicing, Custom Quests, Custom Minigames, Great Community!

15. Sagi-x


16. RemotePvP

Pk Bots | Player Pets | Iron Man Mode | Imbueable Items | Item Lending | Dungeoneering | Strong Eco

17. Xeno-PS

Play for Free Live to Be Free!

18. ZectorXScape

ZectorXScape 317 24/7 onl

19. Endless Pk

Great Community, Looking for Staff, Auto Vote, Forums, Stable Economy, 100% Uptime, Brand new, Clan Pk, Flawless Combat, Perfect switches!

20. Necrotic - 317

Necrotic is an ambitious and modern take on the traditional RSPS. We are the next big server, in our humble beginning.